Our Strong Belief
Patients are family

At Depew Orthodontics, our goal is to change lives…period. We have seen personalities blossom, career paths enriched, and relationships flourish after helping our patients transform their teeth into incredible smiles. We truly feel that our patients are our family and do all we can to help you feel welcome and excited to be here with us.
“His overall reputation in the community speaks highly of his ability to move children quickly through treatment and obviously have great results… Overall, we’ve been super impressed with Dr. Depew.” – Tia
“When I have recommended Dr. Depew to my friends and my friends who have children, it’s mostly been because he’s patient and he is kind and the staff is wonderful!” – Heather
“Once you come here, I promise you will not go anywhere else. Everything is personalized, they spend the time with you and you’re important.” – Sara “Go to Dr. Depew. He’s just the best person to go to for braces.” – Sarie and Halle

Our Team AOA Certified Staff

Dr. Depew’s team is a highly trained group of dental and orthodontic professionals who take great pride in their work, and are dedicated to making you feel comfortable. The team has received technical training from a variety of dental and orthodontic fields, and provides the highest level of service available. Dr. Depew’s team constantly receives training on the newest techniques in orthodontics, which keeps them up-to-date and able to serve you best. Depew Orthodontics is the only practice granted Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Gold Certification in our area. This means you can rest assured that the clinicians working in your mouth have the highest level of training available. And with an average of 10 years with Depew Orthodontics, the level of experience is outstanding.

Meet Our Team

Need A Ride?

Take Our Brace Bus

Now, talk about the ultimate EXPERIENCE! Our Brace Bus will pick up and drop off our patients in style from over 40 schools in our service area. You can be assured your child is safe in our H2 Hummer Brace Bus, one of the safest vehicles on the road. Our practice is dedicated to outstanding customer service, and that is why we have provided yet another complimentary service for our patients … the BRACE BUS!

Patients will be picked up from school, checked out, brought to our office for their adjustment and then returned to school as quickly as possible. You may use the Brace Bus on a continual basis or for a one-time appointment as needed. Appointments need to be made in advance, as we plan on taking several students from each school. Each school will be scheduled on a specific day. We will send an email home to let you know about your child’s visit and their next appointment. Click here for a list of the schools we visit with the Brace Bus.
This is a complimentary service for our patients who are in active orthodontic treatment. All we ask is that you spread the word about how awesome it is! Preference will be given to families with both parents working outside of the home.
If you are interested, please ask our front desk for a Brace Bus packet or print the forms here. Please email completed forms to office@depewsmiles.com.Brace Bus Form *These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer, click the Adobe logo above to download.

Incognito Revolutionary Technology For Beautiful Smiles

Incognito braces are custom made braces, hidden behind your teeth, so people see you and not your braces. There are no appliances or trays on the front of your teeth, so you can have orthodontic treatment without the whole world knowing. Almost anyone is a candidate for Incognito braces, talk with one of our doctors today about the ultimate esthetic option.

Invisalign The Clear Choice

Invisalign is often a great option if the idea of metal or ceramic braces on your teeth would hold you back from achieving the smile you’ve always wanted. Invisalign straightens your teeth using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. Learn More

Orthodontic Treatment Lifetime Smile Guarantee

Guarantee My Smile

You may find that your teeth need a little fine-tuning down the road due to post-treatment shifting. With our “Guarantee My Smile” program you’ll never have to worry about the expense of braces again! If your teeth ever shift or you just become unhappy with your smile for any reason, we will put standard braces back on at no cost. You’ll just have to pay a monthly adjustment fee until you’re once again satisfied with your smile! Accommodations will be made if you’d like a more esthetic option such as ceramic, Invisalign, or Incognito. Learn more at http://www.guaranteemysmile.com

Save My Smile Program

Lifetime retainer wear is recommended in order to maintain your incredible smile. We know that accidents happen and retainers can easily be lost, broken, thrown away, or damaged by a pet. Our Save My Smile program allows you to get lifetime replacement retainers at a substantial savings. For an upfront fee barely equal to three retainers, we will replace up to four retainers per year…forever. Only a small co-payment will be needed each time a retainer is replaced. Ask our front desk team for details or complete an enrollment form and return to our office.