Getting Started Is Easy

We’ll send you some online forms to fill out before your visit. This will allow us to verify your insurance coverage so we can give you the most accurate information and save you time at your first appointment.

Come in to meet one of our incredible doctors, see our state-of-the-art offices, and discuss your concerns and treatment options. If you need treatment, we can get started the same day. This convenient option can save you the hassle of missing school or work. We know your time is valuable and we want to make starting treatment as easy as possible.

First Visit

We are so excited to join you as you consider orthodontic treatment and we can’t wait to meet you! When you first come to the office, you’ll meet our team and at least one of our incredible doctors. Our treatment coordinator will show you around the office and take diagnostic photos and x-rays. As you discuss your concerns, you’ll learn what types of treatment options are available and what our doctors recommend as the best course of treatment. You’ll also be provided with an estimate of treatment length and the associated costs as well as your expected insurance benefits. You’ll be glad to know that this first visit is our gift to you, there is no charge for your visit or the records we will take.

If orthodontic treatment is recommended, most times, your additional records and customized braces can be placed the same day. We love to help you avoid extra trips and missing important time away from school and work.

Some young patients are not quite ready to begin treatment. We’ll discuss with you what to expect in the future and if any intervention may be needed.


Through our affiliate, OrthoFi, we can offer incredible flexibility like no one else. Unlike many offices, you choose your initial investment, your monthly payment, and your length of payment based on your family situation and your monthly budget. Many patients will pay for the whole treatment up front in order to get a discount for doing so. Others will pay a large amount up-front to decrease their monthly payments. Some patients choose to complete their payments during their estimated treatment time, while others will extend payment considerably past that time in order to lower monthly payments, with no large initial payment at all. OrthoFi makes it easy for you to custom tailor your plan!

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