Patient Info

Your First Visit

You’ll meet our amazing team and at least one of our incredible orthodontists during your complimentary first visit. We will show you around the office, examine your teeth, and take diagnostic photos and x-rays. We will also discuss the treatment options available and what our doctors recommend as the ideal treatment for your case and needs. Before starting any treatment, we will discuss the estimated treatment length, associated costs, and expected insurance benefits.


In most cases, if orthodontic treatment is recommended, we can place your braces on the same day to help you avoid missing another day from school or work. If treatment is not needed for some young patients, we will discuss what to expect and schedule the child for monitoring appointments to see if any intervention may be needed.

Affordable Smiles

Depew Orthodontics believes everyone should be able to afford an Incredible Smile. We serve the hard-working community of Northwest Georgia and recognize that you have many financial obligations to meet. Through our affiliate, OrthoFi, we can offer incredible flexibility like no one else. Unlike many offices, you choose your initial investment, monthly payment, and length of payment based on your family situation and budget. 

In addition, we work with most insurance companies. We are happy to file insurance on your behalf and accept the assignment as partial payment for your account to help decrease your out-of-pocket investment.

Begin Your Smile Journey Today!

Enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile! Schedule your or your child’s complimentary orthodontic assessment to determine the best treatment to suit your smile concerns and needs!